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AlphaDeck™ Raised Flooring System

Rugged, durable, and affordable modular raised flooring system for all types of exhibits and displays.

The AlphaDeck modular staging system is our most popular modular raised flooring system and offers a huge range of adjustability to fit any show or exhibit. This Economical elevated flooring can add dimension and visual impact to your display and allows you to run wires, cables and even plumbing underneath for a clean look. Durable metal frames designed specifically for the exhibit industry can support heavy weights, yet are Easy To Install.

The AlphaDeck system consists of 4ft x 4ft or 2ft x 4ft modular deck panels that lock together securely using a simple cam connection system and feature adjustable legs that can be expanded from 4" to 48" high. You can create exciting multi-level display flooring with a combination of our standard platforms raised to different heights. Choose our stock industrial gray plywood surface or add your own top surface for an unlimited range of design possibilities.

AlphaDeck's raised flooring system is durable - the base platform frame is made of galvanized steel (painted black) - which prevents rusting and erosion - especially important for outdoor use in various climates. AlphaDeck is simple to install and is designed for quick assembly and disassembly - using only one small hand tool. Anyone can assemble a professional-looking elevated floor with AlphaDeck.

AlphaDeck platforms are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can include optional drop holes that will allow you to run cables, wiring and even plumbing underneath the floor efficiently.

Order exactly what you need to create your own custom set up and complete your eye-catching, safe, and ADA compliant raised flooring system with optional guard rails, stairs and ramps. AlphaDeck is available for sale:contact one of our display flooring experts for an in-depth consultation.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Optional rubber feet protect sensitive surfaces
  • Modular decks available in either 4ft x 4ft or 2’x 4’ sizes
  • Platform frames made of durable, black-painted galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Adjustable legs can be expanded from 4" to 48" high
  • Decks connect using a simple pin, notch, and cam connection system
  • Simple to install and is designed for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Use platforms at different heights to create multi-level display flooring
  • Gray plywood deck inserts can be easily replaced with custom panels
  • Platforms can include optional drop holes to allow cable and wiring access

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