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We can hand-craft a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look for your exhibit or trade show floor with one of our custom carpet, vinyl, or turf products

If your trade show booth or exhibit design needs something more than the usual, off-the-rack products offer, Exhibit Flooring Solutions can customize our Carpet, Artificial Turf, and Rolled Vinyl to incorporate your logo or other graphic design into the surface of your floor!

Weíve worked with many high-profileorganizationsand helped them create truly custom displays that increased visibility and awareness of their company. No matter what size, shape, or color floor you need for your project, we can help: thereís almost nothing we canít match or duplicate, and we can respond quickly with rapid turnaround to meet tight deadlines.

Choose the material that best suits your style:Logo Rugs, ClearStep Vinyl, Logo Turf, or Printed Carpet. Then work with our skilled team will come up with a design that will set your exhibit apart and make sure your event is truly spectacular.

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    Logo Rugs

    Custom, hand-crafted rugs incorporate your logo or design

    A beautiful, hand-made Logo Rug will make a powerful first impression on your trade show booth visitors. Maximize brand visibility at your exhibit display and raise awareness of your company logo by putting it right on the floor of your booth. Exhibit Flooring Solutions can design and create a custom Logo Rug made to your exact specifications, using any logo you provide.

    Click here for more information about our Logo Rugs

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    ClearStep Vinyl

    Rolled vinyl flooring mats customized with your logo or design

    ClearStep vinyl trade show floor mats are made of a clear, flexible PVCand are ideal for any booth or exhibit that needs a striking and easy to care for flooring material. This material is very durable, perfect for high-traffic trade shows, and is easy to transport. ClearStep is ideal for use indoors or out and can be custom cut to any size or shape you can imagine.

    Click here if you would like more information about ClearStep Vinyl Mats.

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    Logo Turf

    Artificial turf customized to include your design or logo worked into the surface

    When your display calls for a grassy surface, but you want to do something that really stands out from the crowd, our Logo Turf trade show flooring might be what you need to really wow your customers. EFS can hand-craft an artificial turf floor for your booth that includes a company logo or design. The graphic isnít simply painted onto the turf: itís built into the actual surface of the flooring to create a durable surface that will provide years of use.

    If you would like more information about our Logo Turf, click here.

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    Printed Carpet

    High-quality custom-printed trade show and event carpet

    When want the very best custom surface for your trade show booth, Exhibit Flooring Solutions can provide you with a custom Printed Carpet that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our process allows your imagination to run wild: thereís really no limit to what we can create.

    A Printed Carpet is a more sophisticated alternative to our Inlaid Logo Rugs and uses a printing process that allows much finer details than can be found in an inlaid product. The printed image can include finer details, subtle fades from dark to light, color-gradients, and true color-matching.

    For more information on our Printed Carpets, click here.


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