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Promote your products in an Earth-friendly environment

Exhibit Flooring Solutions is proud to offer a variety of environmentally-friendly trade show flooring products to help show off your business or service. These products are responsible, but don’t sacrifice anything in terms of looks or function, so you can be proud of your contribution to the environment while wowing your customers. We are constantly adding new products to our catalogue and have made a commitment to providing our customers with “green” flooring options crafted from sustainable materials.

  • ProLine Carpeting

    Made from 100% post-consumer Recycled Materials

    Our ProLine Trade Show Carpet is a durable and Economical option for your trade show booth or exhibition hall. ProLine is very environmentally-friendly and is a terrific choice for companies who are looking to “go green.” It features fireproof backing, a ribbed surface, and comes in a broad range of vivid colors to match any décor. Read more…


  • ExpoPro Premium™ Event Carpet

    Luxurious carpeting for your trade show or event space

    ExpoProPermium is the perfect step up from more conventional trade show and event carpet. If offers an elegant surface that’s comfortable and lush, but one that can also withstand the wear of event traffic and repeated use. The rolls fit easily into standard sized booths to eliminate waste and speed up installation times.

    More detailed information about ExpoPro Premium is available here.

  • EcoDeck™ Adjustable Height Subfloor

    Lightweight, easy to assemble, modular raised flooring system designed for exhibit use

    If you need a versatile, modular subfloor that allows easy management cables and plumbing, our EcoDeck modular subflooring is simple to install and very lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport. Our EcoDeck modular flooring is made from recycled plastic and requires no tools to install or disassemble. Simply set up your EcoDeck floor any way you like, and then cover it with your choice of surface: turf, carpet, rolled vinyl, or even a wood plank system like our TimberClick. If you prefer, you can leave it bare and give your display a more industrial look. EcoDeck features a clever cable management system with multiple access points and a choice of several heights, making it a versatile, Economical, and easy-to-use raised subfloor system.

  • RubberDeck™ Recycled Rubber Flooring

    Durable rubber exhibit flooring in rolls or interlocking tiles

    RubberDeck rubber exhibit flooring is an ideal solution when shock absorption is a top priority for your trade show booth. The flooring comes in either rolls or mats and can handle heavy weights, making it ideal for exhibits that feature sports and athletic equipment. This 100% recycled material comes in rolls or interlocking tiles in a variety of colors or simple black if you plan to use the RubberDeck as a subfloor and will mount turf or wood flooring on top to complete your space.


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