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Create a portable raised floor for extra support and stability on soft or uneven ground conditions. Ideal for staging and equipment.

A raised exhibit or trade show flooring system from Exhibit Flooring Solutions can add dimension, depth, and impact to your display and allow you to run wires, cables and even plumbing discreetly underneath. Our raised flooring systems can support extreme weight loads, making these systems ideal for car shows, heavy machinery, or exhibits at which you want your product to quite literally rise above the rest.

We have 6 different raised flooring systems:EcoDeck™, AlphaDeck™, ExpressDeck™, SupraDeck™,UltraDeck™, and Raised ShowDeck™.

  • EcoDeck™ Modular Trade Show Subfloor

    Lightweight, easy to assemble, modular raised flooring system designed for exhibit use

    If you need a versatile, modular subfloor that allows easy management cables and plumbing, our EcoDeck modular subflooring is simple to install and very lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport. Our EcoDeck modular flooring is made from recycled plastic and requires no tools to install or disassemble. Simply set up your EcoDeck floor any way you like, and then cover it with your choice of surface: turf, carpet, rolled vinyl, or even a wood plank system like our TimberClick. If you prefer, you can leave it bare and give your display a more industrial look. EcoDeck features a clever cable management system with multiple access points and a choice of several heights, making it a versatile, Economical, and easy-to-use raised subfloor system.

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    Rugged and affordable modular staging system for all types of trade show exhibits and displays.

    The AlphaDeck modular exhibit stage is ideal for exhibitors looking for a durable, affordable, and highly flexible raised flooring system. This staging product is completely adjustable and its modular panels are easy to assemble and transport. AlphaDeck stages can easily be expanded or reconfigured quickly by adding, removing, or moving sections to accommodate the varying sizes and shapes of your trade show booth or display area. Explore nearly limitless possibilities using the standard 4ft x 4ft adjustable-height platforms, easily customizable deck surface, stairs, ramps and guard rails.

  • ExpressDeck™

    Easy to set up portable trade show staging allows you to quickly create a tiered platform that will add visual impact to your display

    ExpressDeck portable staging is the perfect choice if your trade show or exhibit requires a raised flooring system that is easily transportable and extremely easy to set up quickly. ExpressDeck is designed around standard 4’x4’ modular platforms that can easily be rearranged to suit different configurations and collapsible risers unfold and set up in moments. Just add risers of different heights, stair cases, guard rails, and heavy-duty flight cases to complete your staging package.

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    This completely custom, heavy-duty raised flooring is the ultimate solution for high-end exhibits

    SupraDeck modular trade show and exhibit flooring is Exhibit Flooring Solutions’ absolute top-of-the-line raised flooring system. It is strong enough to support the weight of trucks, automobiles, and even heavy machinery but has an elegant look that is suitable for high-end functions. With SupraDeck, there’s no such thing as “standard”: every system is custom-built to your specifications and the complete floor can easily be broken down for easy transport. A complete package can include edging, steps, or ramps and the surface of the floor can include hardwood, carpet, turf, or just about anything else you can imagine: if you can dream it, we can build it.

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    Proven and versatile modular subflooring for use indoors or outdoors

    The UltraDeck* modular event subfloor system from Exhibit Flooring Solutions provides unmatched versatility and is perfect for trade shows or events where your booth needs to support heavy traffic or equipment. UltraDeck features integrated cable channels that allows you to safely hide wires and cables beneath the surface of your floor. If you need a more finished look for your floor, carpet, vinyl, and turf can easily be stapled or taped directly to the surface of your completed subfloor.

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    Raised ShowDeck

    Raised interlocking tiles with unmatched style and integrated cable management channels

    Our Raised ShowDeckvinyl modular display tile provides you with a nearly infinite variety of customization options. It incorporates an easy-to-clean, vinyl laminate tile that is available in a wide variety of colors and textures, including several parquet wood styles. The vinyl is inset into a sturdy and water-resistant polypropylene base that incorporates cable channels and allows you to safely and easily hide wires and Ethernet cables under the surface of your floor. ShowDeck is Easy To Install in minutes without the use of tools, using the same snap-and-loop connection system as our DazzleDeck tiles.


*Signature System Group, LLC's UltraDeck products are not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Menard, Inc. or any of Menard, Inc.'s affiliates or subsidiaries.

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