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UltraDeck Modular Raised Sub-flooring System

Proven and extremely durable modular sub-flooring system for use indoors or outdoors

UltraDeck* is an extremely versatile, proven raised modular sub-flooring system that is perfect for trade shows or events where your booth may need to support extremely heavy traffic or equipment. Each tile features integrated cable channels to allow wires and other electrical equipment to run safely beneath the surface of your floor. UltraDeck’s superior engineering puts it at the forefront of quality, performance, ease of installation and affordability.

Each UltraDeck module incorporates bi-lateral, heavy duty, cross ribbing for effective weight distribution. The underside of the module features a specially designed multi-directional cable channel to neatly thread power and communication wiring and rope lighting.

Installation is quick and does not require trained personnel, special tools or an instruction manual. Unlike other modular plastic floors, UltraDeck can be laid straight down on most ground surfaces, leveled with plywood stringers and shims, or raised on multiple layers of stringers as required. When placed on level ground or on plywood stringers, UltraDeck can support the weight of scissor lifts, forklifts with pneumatic tires, and light trucks.

With the ability to be raised off of the ground, UltraDeck is a true substitute to costly wood. Unlike wood, it will not warp, get waterlogged, or rot. Additionally, with UltraDeck there is no need to use dangerous screws or nails as modules self connect and do not need to be screwed down to the plywood stringers.

Carpet, vinyl, or turf may be stapled or taped directly to UltraDeck to customize the look of your floor as needed.

  • Great for tradeshow or tent sub-floors
  • Vinyl, turf, or carpet can easily be attached to the surface for finished look
  • Integrated cable channels allow wiring to be safely hidden under the floor
  • Very rugged and can support up to 20,000 lbs static load
  • Extra rugged bi-lateral ribbing for greater structural stability and effective weight distribution
  • For use indoors or outdoors
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Constructed from high impact polypropylene co-polymer with added UV Inhibitors
  • Each module is 24” x 12” x 1-1/8”
  • Ships in pre-assembled 3’ x 4’ sheets for quicker installs and dismantles.
  • Cross module drainage channels to prevent water buildup
  • Perfect substitute for plywood floors: will not rot, warp, or become waterlogged

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*Signature System Group, LLC's UltraDeck products are not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Menard, Inc. or any of Menard, Inc.'s affiliates or subsidiaries.

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