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TimberClick™ Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Simple to Install, Real Hardwood and Laminate Display Flooring That is Elegant and Practical

TimberClick is our modular plank flooring. Its patented UniClic™ connection system allows you to quickly and easily create a beautiful floor for your display booth without the use of tape, glue, or tools. This deluxe flooring is just as easy to dismantle at the end of the exhibit and its light weight makes transportation easier and lowers shipping costs.

Create a beautiful upscale display floor in minutes that will set your exhibit apart from the competition or use TimberClick on top of our AlphaDeck or SupraDeck raised flooring systems. We can help you calculate how many TimberClick planks you need!

TimberClick Wood

Create a genuine hardwood floor in an instant that can be used and reused whenever and wherever you need it. TimberClick Wood is easy to maintain: just remove any surface debris with a dry mop and wipe it down with a damp cloth for general cleaning. For tougher messes use our all-natural, soy-based Floor Cleaner or denatured alcohol.

This premier real wood plank flooring features:

  • The unmistakable look and feel of real wood.
  • Planks are 3.25" wide x 18"-48" long x 0.375" thick.
  • Scotchguard™ Advanced Repel Technology for easy cleanup and minimal maintenance.
  • Easy to install and dismantle without tools or adhesives.


TimberClick Laminate

Create a hygienic and durable plank floor for your tradeshow display with the attractive look of wood in minutes. Our laminate flooring is engineered to last for years of repeated use. Simply sweep or vacuum for regular cleaning. For tough messes like ink or sticky spills, use our environmentally friendly Floor Cleaner or denatured alcohol. You can even use acetone (nail polish remover) to easily remove messes like gum that would ruin other floors.

This practical and Economical plank flooring features:

  • The look of wood and durability of engineered materials.
  • Planks are 7.48" wide x 47.24" long x 0.315" thick.
  • Moisture Guard™ protection against water damage.
  • Silence Guard™ reduces reflected noise.
  • Easy to install and dismantle without the use of tools or adhesives.


Installation Instructions

Begin by laying the first section down in the upper right corner so that the tongues are always facing down and towards the direction you will be laying your display floor. Make sure you consider the size and placement of your floor carefully before positioning this first section as it becomes more difficult to shift your floor once it is assembled.

Continue connecting sections, attaching the tops of the planks first, and then working your way across the floor space. Subsequent sections should be placed correctly with the tongues locked into the tiles already laid down. All sections MUST be laid using the same orientation: if you place a plank or section rotated 90 degrees, additional sections will not install properly.


Once you have completed the assembly of your floor, matching edge strips can be installed to provide a finished look and safe transitions.

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